Programs Offered

External/Hard Style

Hop Gar, Bak Hok and Choi Li Fut are fast paced, energetic arts that require dedication and hard work to become skilled in. Hop Gar and Bak Hok are closely related, Choi Li Fut is similar but has a slightly different focus. These arts contain a wide variety of techniques including Chin Na (joint locking).  As a student in this class you can expect a good workout while learning some new skills.


Balintawak Escrima is a Filipino stick fighting art. It's unique in that the practitioner only uses one stick leaving the other hand free for punching, holding and grabbing.  This art is extremely fast paced and students begin partner striking drills in very short order.

Internal/Soft Style

We currently teach Yang style Tai Chi as well as the 18 basic Chi Kung exercises.  Additionally, Hop Gar has an internal side that compliments the external side.  At it's highest level Hop Gar is considered a complete art because of this. This class is slow moving and stately but don't be fooled, it takes hard work to become good at it.  Students can expect to see real gains in their balance and stability as well as an improved ability to recognize tension in the body.