Our Lineage

Grandmaster Cheuk Tse

Grandmaster Cheuk Tse is a native of Yap Hoi Peng County, in Canton Province China.  Grandmaster Tse began studying Chinese pugilism (Gung Fu) from his Uncle.  At the age of thirteen, he became a student of Ng Siu Jung, a top master of the White Crane System.  Master Ng also taught Grandmaster Tse all about Chinese medicine.

At this time Grandmaster Tse's Uncle introduced him to Mr. Zong who was a master of the art of dynamic tensioning and breathing exercises.  Mr. Zong is regarded as the leading practitioner of these two arts. 

Grandmaster Tse later became an ardent admirer of Tibetan Hop Gar's chief stylist Mr. Ng Yim Ming.  As a result of his hard training Grandmaster Tse has been appointed by Mr. Ng and the official Hop Gar Representative in Hawaii and the rest of the United States. 

Grandmaster Tse is not only noted for his pugilistic knowledge but also for his expertise in Chinese medicine and acupuncture which he studied at the South Chinese Medical College.  Grandmaster Tse has been an Associate Professor of Gung Fu as well as assistant in Chinese medicine at three academies in Hong Kong.

Grandmaster Tse arrived in San Francisco in 1963. He opened his first school in San Francisco.  In 1968 he moved to Hawaii and established Cheuk's Kung Fu Academy at the Hawaii Chinese Community Center.  In 1974 he opened branches on the Island of Kauai.  He has one of the highest ranks in Kajukenbo presented to him by Sijo Emperado and has trained many well known fighters.

Grandmaster Cheuk Tse has received numerous awards, he is a great and well respected man both in the Public and Martial Arts Community.

Sifu Steven Nacua

Sifu Nacua was born in Hawaii on the island of Kauai, his parents and grandparents were immigrants from the Philippines. His martial arts experience began at the age of 9 when his grandfather, Ambrosio Mirafuentes, began teaching him Balintawak escrima, a single stick fighting art native to the Cebu area of the Philippines.  From 9 to the age of 13 he continued to study Balintawak as well as Judo under Sensei Oyasato and Okinawan Karate under Sensei Ozaki.  In 1960 at the age of 13 he began studying Kajukenbo Chinese Kenpo under Instructor Francis Hosaka.  He continued with Instructor Hosaka until he moved to Oahu to study at the University of Hawaii.  Once at Oahu he continued his study of Kajukenbo (Chuan Fa method) under Sifu Alfred Dela Cruz.   

In 1967 he was introduced to Tibetan Hop Gar and Pak Hok Pai master Professor Cheuk Tong Tse.  For a time Sifu Nacua studied both Kajukenbo under Sifu Dela Cruz and Hop Gar under Professor Tse however in 1974 he decided to concentrate his studies on Hop Gar only.

In 1975 Sifu Nacua moved to Maui for work and Professor Tse instructed him to open a new school on the island. The Maui school remained open until 1982 when Sifu Nacua move to Glens Falls, New York.   Upon arrival in New York he promptly opened the Glens Falls school, it has been in operation continuously since 1982.