About Us

Hop Gar Kung Fu Academy was opened by Sifu Steven Nacua in 1982 and has been open continuously since that year. Hop Gar and  Bak Hok are considered Chinese martial arts although their roots are Tibetan. Choi Li Fut is a southern Chinese style and Balintawak is a Filipino stick fighting art.  We focus on teaching all of these in a more traditional manner and learn a wide variety of techniques  using several different methods.  Some of these methods include forms (pre-defined patterns of techniques) both empty hand and weapon,  self-defense partner drills, practical application drills and sparring (using protective equipment).  We have a sash system wherein students are ranked but our real focus is on learning the skills, not achieving rank. We also believe that learning to fight is a by- product of learning and practicing the skills, not a goal in and of itself.  If this sounds reasonable to you consider stopping in to watch a class.